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The Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC is a private Independent Adoption organization providing competent and knowledgeable legal services to birth parents who are personally selecting adopting families for their babies and to adopting parents who are turning to adoption to expand their families.

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Your courageous decision to pursue a planned adoption provides your child with a loving home that you have personally selected. Find out about financial, counseling and legal help at no cost to you!

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Are you looking to complete your family and enjoy the unique experiences of parenthood? The Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC provides legal help to adopting families wanting to implement adoption plans unique to them within budgets they establish at the outset.

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Does the private adoption process leave you overwhelmed? The adoption process triggers many sometimes complicated legal issues. Making sure at the outset that you’re prepared to successfully handle them all is key to a good outcome.

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Dear Expecting Parents

Without question, a birth parent's decision to personally select an adoptive family for her child is one of the hardest decisions she will ever have to make. At the Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC, birth parents electing to personally select an adoptive family for their child receive compassionate and competent legal advice to help them decide whether an adoption plan is best for them and their baby.

Family Profiles*

Tamara & Jeremy

Education, Disneyland, Sports

Laura & Garrett

Napa, Sports, Fitness

Chad & Nick

Adventure, Outdoors, Travel

Sam & Bryan

Adventure, Travel, Service

Megan & Stephen

Dogs, Disney, Giants

Roberta & Josh

Nor-Cal, Camping, BBQ

Gabriela, Hill & Gracie

Sacramento, Social Services, Sports

Sarah & Elliot

Christian, Music, Martial Arts

Nora & Heidar

Christian, Travel, Sports

Melissa & Carl

Family Values, Giving Back, Travel

Emily, Solaris & Zara

Family Traditions, Outdoors, Activities

*Under California law, only a child’s legal parents or a licensed adoption agency can place a child for adoption. 

The Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC is not an “adoption agency” or an “adoption facilitator” and does not assist birth parents “match” with adopting families. Unlike adoption agencies, the Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC is structured in compliance with California law which authorizes qualified and competent adoption attorneys to provide legal representation to birth parents who are personally selecting adoptive parents for their child and to perspective adoptive parents who have been personally selected by a birth parent to adopt her child. (See California Family Code, Division 13, “Adoption,” Part 2, “Adoption of Unmarried Minors,” Chapter 3, “Independent Adoptions,” Sections 8800-8823.)

At the Sacramento Adoption Center LLC, the selection of a prospective adoptive parent or parents is personally made by the child’s birth parent or parents and is never delegated to an agent. (California Family Code §8801(a).)

Also, at the Sacramento Adoption Center LLC, the act of personally selecting an adoptive parent or parents by the birth parent or parents is always well-informed and based upon their personal knowledge of the prospective adoptive parent or parents – including, but not limited to substantially correct knowledge of all of the following: their full legal names, ages, religion, race or ethnicity, length of current marriage and number of previous marriages, employment, whether other children or adults reside in their home, whether there are other children who do not reside in their home and the child support obligation for these children and any failure to meet these obligations, any health conditions curtailing their normal daily activities or reducing their normal life expectancies, any convictions for crimes other that minor traffic violations, any removal of children from their care due to child abuse or neglect, and their general area of residence or, upon request, their address. (California Family Code §8801(b).)

Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

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