The Sacramento Adoption Center assists in matching birth parents to adopting families.
  • We specialize in private independent adoptions between pregnant birth moms and families waiting to adopt.
  • We encourage open adoptions with customized contact after adoption between your child’s birth family and adopting family.
  • We pride ourselves on providing full-service care to birth moms, from arranging health insurance, phone service and housing to coordinating pre-natal appointments and hospital tours, providing transportation and helping birth parents get to know the family they choose for their child.
Our mission is to provide loving homes for children through nurturing adoptions founded on mutual trust, honesty and openness.

Pregnant & considering adoption?

Your courageous decision to pursue a planned adoption provides your child with a loving home that you have hand-selected. Find out about financial help, full-service birth parent care and more, at no cost to you!

Looking to adopt?

Are you looking to complete your family and enjoy the unique experiences of parenthood? We help adopting families match with birth parents and create unique adoption plans through pregnancy and delivery within an affordable flat-fee budget.

Want to see our waiting families?

See photos, read letters, and learn more about our families waiting to meet you and welcome your child into their home!

Why Sac Adopt?

We work exclusively with birth parents who are choosing adoption as their parenting plan and with adopting parents who are turning to adoption to expand their families.

Here, adoptions are satisfying and uncomplicated journeys into parenting – fully informed from start to finish.

Birth Parent Stories

There I was, so scared, pregnant again, and not knowing what I was going to do. When I picked up the phone and called the Sacramento Adoption Center, you, Tom Volk were amazing, so kind and caring. READ MORE >
Have you ever had to make a totally selfless decision… …where you did the opposite of what you wanted because in your heart you knew it was for the best? For me, adoption has been a wonderful option to an unplanned pregnancy. It was December and I was twenty-seven years old... READ MORE >
I was pregnant, frightened, completely confused and overwhelmed with guilt over my pregnancy. I had given a child up for adoption just a year earlier, and I was in no condition to have or parent another baby. I remember feeling so guilty and stupid all at the same time. I kept thinking... READ MORE >

Pregnant & Considering Adoption?

Are You Ready To Adopt?