Who Are we?

Our Mission

Building Families, One Blessing At A Time.

  • We structure adoption plans that consider everyone’s interests.
  • We promote and maintain one-on-one client relationships.
  • We support cost-effective nurturing adoptions.
  • Our door is open to ALL families wanting to adopt.

Meet our team

Adoption attorney Tom Volk opened the doors to the Sacramento Adoption Center in 1992. Tom studied law in Boston, then settled in California and soon began using his legal skills to help make a difference in the lives of children through adoption.

Tom has helped hundreds of birth families find a safe and loving home for their babies.

Tom is a fellow of the Academy of California Adoption-ART Lawyers (ACAL)

Tom Volk

The Law Offices of Thomas Volk,
A Professional Law Corporation

Shannon is our Director of Operations. Her cheerful voice and bright smile are the first to greet you here at the Center. As a person with 3 adopted relatives herself, Shannon loves being a blessing to families on their adoption journey. She is compassionate, warm and caring. Whether you need something done or someone to talk to, she’s the one you’ll reach out to.

Shannon is invaluable in keeping birth mothers and adopting parents informed and reassured. She gets to know adopting families well and supports them. She is excited to work with adopting parents and birth moms!


Director of operations
Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC

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