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Alex & Luba


We met in the Spring of 2009, accidentally kind of. You see, we were both visiting a local church that neither of us attended. Luba just moved up from Modesto to Sacramento for work and was looking for a community to be a part of. She lived in Modesto all her life with her parents and eight siblings and was involved at a local church there. Alex grew up in South Sacramento with a large extended family of relatives that was active in their local church. Our bumping into each other that spring evening turned into a genuine friendship. Two and half years later, we tied the knot and made a commitment to be by each other's side wherever life would take us. Here we are, 12 years and 4 beautiful kids later, feeling that we are not a complete family yet. We can’t wait to welcome you and your baby into our family.

Adopting Parents Alex & Luba

Meet Luba as told by Alex: Luba is the best wife and mother anyone could wish for. She is caring and nurturing and is always looking out for the best of everyone in the family. She thinks through the details and is able to think of every little thing that needs addressing to make any outing, trip, or event a success.

Luba enjoys the outdoors, whether it’s hiking, going on a picnic, or working in the garden, or just doing laps at any of the local parks, and has been nurturing that love for nature to our children.

Along with promoting the love of nature, Luba is diligent in instilling a sense of community and compassion in our children by example. She is a co-director of a Children’s Ministry Club at our local church and has been instrumental in making that club a success.

Meet Alex as told by Luba: Alex is an amazing husband and father. He has a good heart and always sees the best in people. He’s honest in his words and actions. Our kids love to be with him, whether doing chores, yardwork or going on a “fieldtrip” to the store, he has the ability to make every task fun.

Alex enjoys running, sports and going to the sauna. He likes to travel, especially to places where he can admire great architecture.

He strives to be a good influence to all children. He leads a Childrens’ Club at our local church called AWANA with 140 kids attending every Monday night. His energy and passion inspire other volunteers to dedicate their time and energy to working with children.

Meet Our Kiddos

Ezalie is a very responsible young lady. She is good big sister and looks out for her younger siblings. She is diligent in her studies, has a very astute sense of justice and is developing her leadership abilities. She loves reading and journaling, she also enjoys soccer and gardening.

Giselle is a passionate, outgoing and funny girl. She likes small groups of people and makes long lasting relationships with close friends. She is fast, loves to run, and enjoys individual sports where she can be in her element. She also loves reading and can often be found with her nose in a book.

Veola has a very kind heart. She loves climbing, and is very agile and balanced for her age. Art, music and being outside in a tree are some of the things that she greatly enjoys. Although she is just learning to read, she is in line with her sisters regarding reading and will often be asking us or her sisters to read to her out loud.

Eli is the baby of the family right now, and has a very developed sense of humor. His jokes often to get the rest of the children to laugh! He also loves the outdoors and loves to ride his bike or scooter out with the neighborhood kids in our cul-de-sac. He loves to sing, look through comic books, and play in the sandbox.

Home & Community 

We live in a 2-story house in a cul-de-sac in the California Jazz neighborhood of Rancho Cordova. Our house has a nice backyard with a dozen fruit trees, several garden boxes, a sandbox and a playhouse that we’ve built for the kids. There are several parks in our neighborhood, and sometimes we like to go park-hopping with the kids, oftentimes ending up in a park that we’ve never been to before. When the weather permits, we go on jogs on weekend mornings, around our neighborhood. Our children are friends with the kids in our court and will play soccer or kickball with them outside, or invite them to jump on the trampoline, or just ride their bikes/ scooters in the court.

Alex & Luba Home Adopting Parents
backyard gardening space

Travel and Adventure! 

We can make an adventure out of a Costco Trip, but we actually like to do some real traveling with our family as well. We like to visit other cities and states and experience different micro-cultures and climates around our country. Our road trips to visit relatives in the Midwest have taken us to the Grand Canyon, Steamboat Springs, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Dinosaur National Monument and the Mammoth Archeological Site, to name a few.


Thank you again for taking the time to read our letter!

All the best,

Alex, Luba, Ezalie, Giselle, Veola, and Eli



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