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angela's Story

Throughout my entire pregnancy, Tom and Alyssa were great! I love the laid back down-to-earth nature of Tom’s practice that is also coupled with a very professional attitude.

Tom and Alyssa actually care about their clients. Everyone’s needs are met. The Sacramento Adoption Center makes sure that the birth mother is doing her part. Alyssa came to all my pre-natal care appointments; and she scheduled the ultrasound exams and all the prenatal tests for me, including the tests for genetic disorders, drugs use and STDs.

Alyssa and Tom also take the time to ask about a birth parent’s background so the adopting parents can understand why a birthmom is choosing adoption for her baby.

I wanted to find adopting parents who were  “out of the box thinkers,” and artsy, peaceful, loving people who were level headed and grounded and open to having on-going contact.

I met my baby’s adopting parents the very next day.  I wanted them to adopt my baby and they wanted me to be their Birthmom. It was a beautiful thing!

My baby was born three months later. Everyone was there! He went home from the hospital with his new family in 2 days. I’d be lying if I said this was easy, but it was what was for the best, and I got the benefit of knowing that I was able to place my baby with a family that I felt was a great fit for him, and to help out a couple that could not have their own biological children.

Some cases may be different than mine, but in my case the adopting parents are very much in favor of an open adoption. I have a chance to visit and to receive pictures via Facebook on a regular basis. My baby is doing very well!

I am so thankful to everyone who listened to me and reassured me. You don’t have to share the same blood to be family!!!


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