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Caitlin and Ryan

Meet Us

Hi! We are Ryan and Caitlin. 

We met in 2012 while working together at Applebee’s. We were best friends for about 3 years before we started dating in 2015. We bonded over our shared interests, witty sense of humor, and love for family. We got married on “pie day” in March of 2020 surrounded by our closest loved ones and have been happily married since.

Over the last decade we have guided and supported each other through our academic and career goals. We have a strong understanding of each other and have taken time to develop ourselves individually. 

Get to Know Caitlin

I was born and raised in Southern California, where my love of surfing and music was born. I’m the youngest of my parents’ 3 girls. My parents divorced when I was 5, and when I was 6, my dad remarried, and my bonus mom and bonus sister blended into our family. While I spent time with both my parents, I was primarily raised by Mom in a Christian home where I happily attended youth group and lead music worship. My faith is an important part of my life.

I attended college in Northern California, closer to my sisters. I worked at a crafting store while I took classes at American River College for Early Childhood Education. I received my associate degree and spent time as an assistant teacher at the campus pre-school. During this time, I learned that there is so much for all children to learn from play, and I will parent from this belief.

In 2012 I started hosting at Applebee’s where I met Ryan, a server at the time. I began pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. I have always been a “people person” and knew from an early age that I wanted to help others. I began working as a mental health advocate and have continued in this field for over a decade.

I am passionate in everything I do and wear my heart on my sleeve. I hold my family and friends very close to my heart and love to spend time with them. I am big on communication and being an open person and try to model this daily with those around me.

Get to Know Ryan

I was born in Southern California but got to move around and experience both coasts before settling into my current home in Antelope, CA. I worked as a game tester in high school, and then worked in the service industry (meeting Caitlin while serving at Applebee's) before transferring to the medical industry. I now hold my electronics degree and certifications to work on and repair medical equipment.


Like Caitlin, I was a child of divorce, and my time split between my mom and dad’s places allowed me to experience multiple ways of life. My mother raised my younger brother and myself; she was warm, nurturing and fun- we’d crack jokes and listen to prank phone calls together. My father had more of the playful adventurous side; he taught me to ride motorcycles, camp and build a fire. My grandparents were a big part in raising us and made sure we grew up with God in our hearts, food in our bellies and a roof over our head. They taught me hard work, self-respect, accountability, and how to be a provider.

My life has not always been an easy road, but I manage to find the humor in everything and try to make everyone laugh. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the ages of 14 and 16. It was a long battle with cancer, but I have been in remission since around 2004.

My medical history combined with my lifelong knack for tinkering with electronics and fixing things led me to become a Biomedical Technician, which is just a fancy way of saying I fix medical equipment. I love being able to support the machines that help keep kids alive, that were keeping me alive when I was using them.

In my free time I love relaxing with friends and family, playing video games, riding my motorcycle, playing ball with our dog, and tinkering in my office/workshop. I’m a big fan of laughing and live comedy shows, concerts and anything with good food. I grew up playing instruments, mostly drums and guitar. I was in a band in high school and got to play all around the bay area. 

About Our Family and Neighborhood

We live in a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house in Antelope, California, with family sprinkled throughout Sacramento and Monterey Counties. On weekends, we can often be found bowling with friends, BBQing with family, and spending time with our nephews, both of whom are under 5 years old. 

On the holidays, we host Thanksgiving at our place. Both sides of our family are passionate about the holidays, especially Christmas. Christmas Eve is spent with Caitlin’s side of the family eating a big Italian meal and attending Church and opening gifts together. Christmas Dayis hosted by Ryan’s brother and his wife. Our favorite holiday games are Lotería and the “Dice Game.” 

We love to celebrate and decorate for the holidays, and during Christmas Ryan’s grandfather and uncle go crazy with lights on their house. It’s a definite tourist stop for the whole neighborhood.

Our little slice of paradise

We have many people in our lives who support us along the way. We look forward to continuing our journey together surrounded by their love and support. 

Caitlin & Ryan

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