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Ceili & Louman
Ceili & Louman

Our Story

Our story begins in 2010, when we met training martial arts at UC Davis.... From that point on, we became good friends, based on our similar values, work ethic, and sense of humor. By 2013 we realized we had something special, and embarked on our romantic journey together. Louman proposed a few years later, in the arboretum on campus where we would have our wedding. In 2016 we married, surrounded by our family and friends - we were sure to incorporate many aspects of our lives and heritage to include Celtic, Chinese, military, and martial arts, as well as adding our own flair! Since married, we’ve learned to communicate very well with each other, and we always put effort into supporting each other. We’ve also kept busy - both of us have finished school, traveled a bunch, and made sure our cats are the most pampered kitties on the planet.

Adopting Parent Ceili

Meet Ceili Through Louman

Ceili is an extraordinarily kind and giving person to her core. She is constantly thinking of others, whether it is family, friends, or the patients and owners she cares for as a veterinarian. She is a ball of sunshine that illuminates the darkest days and radiates warmth in all her encounters. Her very caring and sharing nature is what makes our home environment so full of love and support.

Occupation: Veterinarian

Favorite Food: Vegetarian Sushi

That’s Interesting: Ceili specializes in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. She loves helping her patients move more comfortably

Adopting Parent Ceili 3

Meet Louman Through Ceili

Louman is the kindest man I have ever met. He makes friends everywhere he goes because he is so genuinely invested in people. He’s very hard-working and down-to-earth and always has an eye on practical considerations. I love the way Louman approaches the world – he has strong moral foundations and strong ideas based on those, but he’s never defensive when having his ideas challenged. I also love seeing his softer side with his family and our pets.

Occupation: Software Engineer

Favorite Food: Ramen from neighborhood restaurants

That’s Interesting: Louman was honorably discharged from the United States Army in 2014 with rank of Captain.

Adopting Parent Louman 3
Adopting Parent Louman
Adopting Parent Louman 2

Our Home

Our home is our sanctuary, so we’ve worked hard to make it comfortable and welcoming. From the soft carpets and throw blankets (the cats love them) to the abundance of cozy chairs. It’s also a place we can be creative – you’ll find fun little animal drawings hidden on the walls, and a room devoted to our hobbies of music and martial arts.

Our neighborhood is right by the Clarksburg Branch Line trail, which is a great place to go biking, walking, jogging with a dog – or meandering with a toddler! We’re also super close to a few small water parks.

Our Love For Martial Arts

Adopting Parent Ceili 2

We are both avid martial artists. We each got our start with Hapkido, which is where we met. Louman started in 2002, and Kitty in 2010. Nowadays, in addition to Hapkido, we both train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wing Chun. For us, Hapkido is more than a way to stay active – it is a community! When we got married, our officiant was our Hapkido teacher. After being part of the martial arts scene at UC Davis for so long, it really feels like a second family. We don’t just train together – we’ve made numerous lifelong friends there.

We Love Celebrating Holidays & Traditions!

Louman & Ceili Holiday Traditions

Louman’s favorite holiday is Pi day! It combines two of his interests – eating pie and being nerdy. A close second is Star Wars Day (May The Fourth…be with you). We love going to Rick’s Dessert Diner and picking out a slice of pie.

Ceili’s favorite family tradition is hiding the pickle at Christmas. It’s a German tradition to have a pickle-shaped ornament hidden on the tree and award a prize to the person who finds it.

We also love Halloween and go all out decorating our house. We now have a tradition of the candy chute, where we go on the second-story balcony and send candy down a chute made from ducts and decorate it to match the theme of the house (last year it was Indiana Jones). The neighborhood kids love it!

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