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Nick and Chad on vacation in Hawaii
Chad & Nick


Here's a glimpse into our lives, who we are and what brings us joy.

Nick and Chad at their wedding rehearsal dinner

The Story Of Us

The story of us began in 2017 when we met through mutual friends in New York City. The following year, we took the next step and became engaged, promising to spend the rest of our lives together. In 2019, we got married surrounded by the love and support of our cherished friends and family.

In early 2023, we both went fully remote from our companies and decided to embrace the newfound flexibility and move closer to Chad’s parents in California, to lay the foundation for starting our own family.

Nick hiking near Palm Springs
Chad cooking Thanksgiving dinner

Meet Chad (by Nick)

Chad is the love of my life, my soul mate and my best friend. He is kind, generous, loving and is always doing things to make our lives better. Chad works in public relations, is a professionally trained chef, and loves the arts. Chad is also a beautiful singer and avid traveler. Family is at the heart of everything in his life! Through his loyalty and generosity, he has created a close-knit community and support network of family and friends across the country. 

Chad and Nick celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York
Nick snorkeling on a coral reef in Fiji

Meet Nick (by Chad)

In Nick, I have found a partner who inspires me to be the best version of myself. His unconditional love and acceptance have allowed me to embrace both my strengths and weaknesses without fear of judgment. Nick also challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new experiences. In moments of doubt or uncertainty, Nick’s love and encouragement remind me of my worth and potential. Nick works in communications, has a passion for conserving the environment and tackling climate change. Nick has a love nature —  hiking, camping, snorkeling and learning about wildlife.

Our Home

Built to last, our home is peaceful, safe and surrounded by the unmatched beauty of nature. We have plenty of opportunity to explore the neighboring woods, beaches, and rock pools. Whether we choose to take a leisurely walk or go on a fun bike ride, the outdoors offers endless experiences for adventure and discovery.

Our living room where we relax and entertain

Our Family

Chad and Nick with Chad’s god daughter in Georgia
Chad and Nick with Chad’s family on holiday in Hawaii

Our families have been a source of unwavering love and play a significant role in shaping who we are today — by offering guidance, understanding, and encouragement and creating that strong sense of belonging.

We are so lucky to be just a short walk away from Chad’s parents’ house! We often enjoy frequent visits, share meals together, and create lasting memories with our extended family. Chad’s family goes all out for Thanksgiving! 

Nick’s family is based in the UK, and he tries to visit often as they are very close. 

Nick and Chad with Chad’s family at Christmas in California
Nick and Chad celebrating Thanksgiving with their family in California
Chad and Nick on their wedding day in New York

Our family is rooted deeply in love, laughter, and belonging. 

Chad & Nick

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