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Diane, Pete & Adalynn


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves.  Having walked this path once before, we’ve seen firsthand the courage and selflessness it takes for a birth mom to choose adoption for her child. Whatever decision you make, we support you on your journey.

We are Peter and Diane. We’ve been married 17 years and have 1 beautiful, amazing, smart, and sassy 2 y/o daughter, Adalynn. Additionally, we have a loving home, a spoiled dog, a cat who ignores everyone except Adalynn and an amazing community of family and friends.

We met when Pete worked as a firefighter and Diane as paramedic in Southern California. We’d dreamed of having a family and believed pregnancy would be easy, but it wasn’t and there were never any medical reasons. 2 ½ years ago we walked through the doors of the Sacramento Adoption Center because we wanted the possibility of an open adoption allowing our child access to her birth family. As a result of that decision, we met the most amazing birth mother. She is kind and smart and she loved her baby so much that she allowed us to adopt and raise the amazing little girl we call our daughter. Adalynn is our world and the love of our lives. The gift that Adalynn’s birth family gave us can’t be put into words. 

More about us. We have the sweetest yellow Labrador named Winnie who loves road trips, follows Adalynn around stealing food from her hands and sleeps on the couch when she thinks we aren’t looking.  We live an active life of snowboarding, traveling, camping and hiking. This last summer we purchased a small RV trailer to continue doing the things we love as a family with kids. Our recent trips include The Redwoods/Avenue of the Giants, Lassen National Park, Morro Bay, and Silver Strands State Beach. Also, Pete’s family vacation home in South Lake Tahoe affords the opportunity to share time and adventures with the extended family throughout the year. Pete’s family lives in the Bay Area, Bend, Oregon, Lake Tahoe and parts of Southern California while Diane’s family is located in Southern California. 

We live in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento, on a nice street with fantastic neighbors and a strong family/friend group. The best way to describe our home is happy and cheerful. We enjoy inside and outdoor projects and have updated our 1913 home to make it feel our own. It’s bright, full of light and frequently a gathering place for friends and family alike. Shortly after moving in 5 years ago, Peter sanded down his grandparents’ old porch swing and hung it out front. On nice afternoons and evenings, it’s common to catch us sitting on the lawn or in that swing with friends and neighbors while Adalynn plays. We also love to decorate the outside of our home for holidays bringing a little extra cheer to our street. Since we informed our little community of our intention to adopt again, the neighborhood is eager to welcome a new addition to our little street.        

Peter followed in his dad’s footsteps of joining the fire service and is currently working as a Fire Captain in the area for Cal Fire. He loves the opportunity to help his community, and train/mentor future firefighters. Peter has a Bachelor’s in History, and while that has little to do with his career, American history is his passion. He talks about teaching history to high school students if he ever retires from the fire department. Another passion is CrossFit. Peter prides himself on staying fit allowing him to keep up with the demands of his job and almost keeping up with Adalynn. 

Diane has a Master’s in Physician Assistance and has worked as a PA in local urban ERs. Most recently she teaches part-time at Sacramento State’s Paramedic Program allowing her to be home with Adalynn. She has a strong passion for education and mentoring young paramedics to become better professionals in the communities they serve. Her other passion is medical missions. She’s been to Honduras, Mexico, and Haiti (with Peter) to volunteer short term in rural medical clinics. Since Adalynn’s birth our international trips have been put on temporary hold, but we hope to raise our children with the awareness that the world is bigger than our little city block. 

We are also involved in a local church community. The Church emphasizes building a relationship with Christ, living as family with those around us and accepting ourselves and others as we are.  We have gained wonderful lifelong friendships from our faith community – friends who were there every step of the way with Adalynn’s adoption, and will be there every step of the way with our next adoption. Our faith is very important to us and any child we adopt will be raised in a Christian home with Christian values. But we also intend to teach our children that the most important thing about faith is to love each other as we are regardless of our differences, our past or our circumstances. 

We have a lot to offer your child. He or she will be welcomed into a loving home with a big sister, supportive grandparents, aunts/uncles and plenty of friends nearby. Your child will eventually have the opportunity for quality schools and education, to travel and share in our adventures, to grow into his or her own person in a loving, Christian home and to be followed around the house by a pathetic yellow Labrador looking for free treats. 

To match with one of our amazing independent adoption families, or if you have further questions, please call, text or fill out the form below. We are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

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