Frequently Asked Questions

As far as a timetable, regrettably there’s no “on average” answer. Since the availability of children is entirely contingent upon circumstances beyond the control of the Center, it’s impossible to project a time frame within which adopting parents will match with a birth mom or an adoption plan will finalize. We call this the “unanswerable question” because we get it from everyone! It truly depends on everything from the economic climate (and now the pandemic) to each birth mom’s individual preferences regarding the family she wants for her child.

Clients at the Center typically have adoption budgets of $25,000-$35,000.

According to a 2016 fact sheet called “Planning for Adoption: Knowing the Costs and Resources” from the Children’s Bureau, the price of private adoption varies greatly, but usually ranges from $20,000 to $45,000. This range may include the home study, the birth mother’s medical expenses, and separate legal and court fees for representing both adoptive and birth parents. There may be additional costs if complications arise during the birth process or if the search for expectant parents involves advertising. 

Please see our Adoption Overview page for more information about adoption costs, including a Sample Adoption Budget. 

Please see our Affording Adoption page for a downloadable list of public and private resources for adoption funding, including grants, loans, government tax credits and subsidies, crowdfunding and more. 

Absolutely! All services at the Center are provided at no cost to birth parents. We can coordinate all your pre-natal appointments, tests and ultrasounds. We can help you find affordable housing, connect you with counselors, and access medical insurance and government services. We can even provide transportation to all your medical appointments and meetings at the Center if you need it!

In addition, once you match with an adopting family, your adoption-related expenses can be covered if you need help. Typical birth parent expense budgets include:

  • Pre-natal care and delivery costs;
  • Living expenses like housing, food, transportation, cell phone service and maternity clothes;
  • Adoption counseling sessions; and
  • Legal fees.

Please see our Pregnant? page for more information on our full-service birth parent care.