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Emily, Solaris & Zara
Emily, Solaris & Zara


Hello from the beautiful town of Loomis! We are Emily, Solaris, & Zara and although we may seem like an unconventional family, I invite you to learn more about our unique family!


About Emily

I am a single mom with two beautiful little girls. We live on 5 acres with family and lots of animals!

At 18 I moved away from home to study Fashion Design. I studied in Tampa Bay, Chicago, and San Francisco. After studying Fashion for several years, I decided to do something more practical and got my master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

After receiving my master’s degree, I became a substitute Special Education Teacher teaching primarily in the probation schools and the juvenile detention center. It was while teaching that I was introduced to my two beautiful daughters who I was fortunate enough to adopt!

Currently, I work from home as managing customer relations for a company in Las Vegas. I also work as a caretaker from home for my older brother who is autistic. These jobs are great for me because I get to be close to my girls and it gives us flexibility to go to horse shows!

Made by Emily
Emily Performing In Horse Show

Emily and Her Passions

Another major component of what makes me me is vaulting (gymnastics on horseback)!

In jr. high I started vaulting and a few months in I was chosen for an international team. We traveled to Holland, Belgium and England on that trip. From there I went on to compete all across the United States and win several National Championships. From that point on, I was hooked! 

I also love baking! I really started baking when my daughter Zara turned 3 and she wanted a mermaid cake. From there, I started making cakes for my nieces, nephews and daughters. This last year I even made a set of seven wedding cakes for my best friend’s double wedding!

Emily Competition
Emily Vaulting Competition
Meet Solaris & Zara

Meet Solaris & Zara (By Mommy)

Zara is a loud and outgoing second grader. She makes friends easily, is very active and always on the move day and night. She loves vaulting and riding horses. This year she was chosen as a flyer for the advanced team performing in the big shows. She loves reading, taking nature walks and playing in the creek with our dog Groot.

Solaris can be shy at first, but when she opens up she is just as loud and outgoing as her sister. She loves to dance and will put on just about any song and perform. Solaris’s dream is to be an astronaut and travel to the moon, she converts any box she can find into a spaceship and aims for the stars.

Our Home

Welcome to Colour Me Wild Ranch! Colour Me Wild Ranch is a 5-acre ranch located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our property is lush and full of open space making it the perfect place for kids to explore nature, enjoy the sunshine, and let their imaginations run wild!

We have a beautiful country-style home with a wrap-around porch and creek running across the bottom of the property that the kids and dog love to play in. We even built a child-size zipline on the property which has provided hours of fun and entertainment for the kids! However, my daughters will be the first to tell you the zipline can only be used when supervised by an adult.

The Property

Our Favorite Family Traditions

The Family

Every Sunday: We enjoy family dinners every Sunday and all the cousins play together out on

the ranch!

Easter: Easter egg hunt with our extended family out on the ranch. Loki and Pony hide special

eggs and baskets for Zara and Solaris in the morning.

Fourth of July: Every year we host a Barbecue and watch the fireworks show at the ranch.

Thanksgiving: Dinner with extended family at Uncle John’s Rusty Acres Ranch in Woodland

and the kids love to ride John Deere tractors.

Christmas: Dinner with extended family at our ranch.

New Years: Fireworks and Board games with family.

Final Thought

Emily, Zara & Solaris
Family Activity

“Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.”

Emily, Zara, and Solaris

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