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We are Gabriela and Hill. We know the hills and valleys that life can bring and can only imagine the challenges you're facing today. Our hope is that you'll take a peek into our lives and see a glimpse of the future for you and your baby. We cherish the memorable moments that life brings and are dedicated to providing your child with a loving, safe and stable home.
Our daughter, Gracie, is soooo excited to be a big sister!


We met in 2012 and have been on many wonderful adventures together since then. We were married in San Francisco in October 2015 -- surrounded by our families. Our daughter, Gracie, was born in January 2018. She’s happy and curious and is such a joy to be with! From the beginning, we’ve planned for a big family; but, our doctors are telling us that we’re not able to have any more children on our own. We think that adoption is a wonderful way to expand our family, and we hope you can help us do that!


Gabriela is my best friend. She's an amazing mother and is the constant in our lives. Gabriela is compassionate and caring. She has a nurturing ability and can provide needed comfort in any situation. Gabriela graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Services. She is a Sacramento County Administrative Services Officer. Her office supports programs which provide crisis intervention and wellness opportunities to those in need.
Gabriela works from home and will always be there for your baby.


Hill is the love of my life and the BEST father!!! His laugh is infectious. He's the youngest sibling in his family. His three older sisters, his mom, his aunties, and three nieces love him dearly. Hill grew up in a small lake town up north where he played football and wrestled in high school. He started working at the local grocery store at age 15. He studied criminal justice in college. He always knew he wanted to have a career in law enforcement.
Today, Hill is a Correctional Lieutenant who manages and supervises officers and sergeants in a nearby correctional facility.
Hill spends quality time every day with Gracie. Hill looks forward to giving your child a wonderful life, too!


Gracie is a happy and caring girl. She loves school and learning. Gracie enjoys the many extracurricular activities she participates in – soccer, tee ball, dancing, swimming, and riding her bike to the park! Most of all, she loves meeting with new friends! Gracie can't wait to meet you and your baby!!


We own a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in a family-friendly neighborhood in Sacramento. There are lots of parks, walking trails and spray playgrounds to play in the water in the summer. We especially love that Gracie's elementary school (and your child's school, in a few years) is within walking distance from our house! As your child grows up, she/he will have her/his own room and plenty to do outside!!!


We love Christmas and all holidays! We are the house on the street with lots of outdoor decorations and lights! We watch Christmas movies the entire month of December and listen to Christmas music. We bake cookies, and do crafts to decorate our house, and also to give as gifts.
We love to travel! We love watching football and baseball. (Go Giants!) We especially love family time. Gabriela's oldest sister and brother are both adopted, so we are familiar with the experiences that come with adoption.


•Hug your child each and every day •Guide your child through example
•Support your child’s creativity and independence •Provide your child opportunities and stability •Honor your child’s culture and support education •Protect and keep your child safe •Be honest about adoption, and honor you and your decision

Thank you for taking the time to learn about who we are. We look forward to learning more about you! Should you choose our family for your baby, we will honor you and your decision, and look forward to becoming a part of your journey. We promise to provide your child a loving home, with a huge extended family. We promise endless hugs and affirmations that let your child know that he/she is loved and safe. We look forward to the opportunity to meet and share more about our family with you. Hill, Gabriela & Gracie

To match with one of our amazing independent adoption families, or if you have further questions, please call, text or fill out the form below. We are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

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