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Laura, Garrett & our beloved god-daughter, Bridget


Laura & Garrett


We are Laura and Garrett. We know this is one of the hardest decisions of your life, and we hope that through adoption you can find peace. We are extremely grateful that you are considering us to be your baby’s family and admire your selflessness and courage.

Hi! We are Laura and Garrett Perdigao.

Garrett was born and raised in Napa Valley with his mom Angela, dad Victor, brother Nick, and sister Jaclyn. He had a great upbringing while participating in many sports and activities that Napa offered. You can catch Garrett most weekends participating in or watching sports (especially the San Jose Sharks and SF 49ers), hanging out with the guys, or taking our dog Asher to the dog park or on a hike.

Garrett has been a Parks and Recreation Supervisor for the City of Healdsburg since 2015. He really enjoys his job, especially working with his awesome colleagues and running seasonal youth sports, holiday events, summer camps, and city celebrations for the community. He is truly living the mantra “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life!”

Laura was born near Malibu in Southern California. Growing up, if Laura wasn’t at the beach, she was playing basketball or hanging out with friends. She moved to the Bay Area for school and fell in love with the area; then she fell in love with Garrett and never looked back! Laura is an only child but didn’t have the conventional idea of a family growing up. She was blessed to grow up in a 4-generation home with her mom Sheryl, her grandparents Melinda and Ray, and her great-grandma Helen. From her beautiful childhood, Laura grew up believing that there is no “correct” definition of a family. Family is what you make it!

Laura loves to travel, read, and discover her next cup of coffee. You can often find her in the kitchen trying out new recipes or perfecting our family’s favorites. Laura has worked for the Superior Court of California for the past 6 years as a Courtroom Clerk. Her favorite part of being a clerk is helping and interacting with the public.

A bit about our family…

We became friends during our junior year at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA which laid a monumental foundation for our relationship. We began dating shortly before we both graduated with history degrees in 2013. When we started dating, we knew this was the “real deal” because it was it felt easy and right. Garrett proposed on Christmas Day in 2016 and we were married on September 30, 2017 in St. Helena, California.

We are proud of the marriage that we are building together with our “better halves”. We listen to each other, support each other, and genuinely want the best for each other (even if that means pushing each other out of our comfort zones)! Our strength lies in our teamwork, no matter what life throws at us. Loving each other and figuring out life together has been our joy, and we are excited to share that love and joy with your child.

We recently purchased our home in the city of Napa and filled it with love and respect to prepare for welcoming your child. We know there are many special memories to come as a growing family. Our new home is within walking distance of downtown’s restaurants, close to all the walking trails that we explore with our dog, many coffee shops for Laura, and beautiful wine country nearby. We love to attend community events, festivals, and celebrations in the city (especially since we can ride our bikes downtown to it all). We can’t wait to share these experiences with your child.

Our support system…

Laura has a fun and lively group of girlfriends who have been friends since college and there is nonstop laughter anytime they are together. Her best friends Amy, Kaitlin and Nicole are more like family these days; their friendship and support is deeply cherished. Garrett is a proud member of the BFC (Best Friends Club); they are a tight-knit group of guys that have been friends since high school. When they get together, there’s always a good time had and it usually involves food, sports, and way too many inside jokes. One of our most proud accomplishments in life was being named god-parents to our spunky, smart, and curious god-daughter Bridget. She is excited for us to adopt and she will be like a big sister to your child.

Our Path to Adoption…

We got pregnant with our son, Judah, in November 2018. Unfortunately, Laura had an emergency C-section at 25 weeks into the extremely high-risk pregnancy because her kidneys were failing. Our amazing son lived for only 3 days; he had a massive brain hemorrhage due to being born 15 weeks early. As a result, we were told that we could never have children naturally. This experience is the hardest thing we have endured thus far in our lives, but we grew stronger as a couple, healed together, and now look forward to growing our family through adoption. We are so excited to watch each other navigate the ebbs and flows of parenthood with your child.

We promise that we will always honor and celebrate you and your decision in our family. If it is your wish, we feel it is important that your child knows that you chose adoption because of the love and care that you have for them and that you trusted us to share in that love and care. We will raise your child to know that they are bright, beautiful, creative, supported, accepted, and loved. We realize that being chosen as your baby’s mom and dad will be the biggest blessing either of us will receive in our lifetimes. Thank you for taking the time to consider us. We look forward to building a relationship with you that will last a lifetime. We hope to meet you soon!

With so much gratitude,

Garrett and Laura (and our dog Asher, too!)

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