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Why choose independent adoption?

Independent adoption process

The Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC helps birth parents implement adoption plans with prospective adoptive parents personally selected by them. The process is called Independent Adoption.

Independent Adoption is a sensible alternative to traditional closed-adoption practices. Acknowledging a child’s history and family-of-origin helps strengthen her/his self-esteem.

Decision making at the Sacramento Adoption Center, LLC is fully informed. You will learn a birth mom’s social and medical history, the reason she is choosing adoption as her parenting plan, the identity of her baby’s birth father and his feelings about the adoption plan.

Adoption Concerns

Adoption can be a memorable and rewarding path to parenthood. you do have choices.

For most adopting parents, choosing adoption as their parenting plan is an easy decision. Even so, many prospective adoptive families are reluctant to get the ball rolling because they have legitimate concerns about finding the right birth mother, her baby’s health, adoption planning, birth father rights, post-birth contact and adoption expenses.

With us, adopting families taking the first step are usually ready to address and resolve these kinds of concerns.

Experience has shown that, as you move forward with adoption planning, we will get to know each other pretty well. We’ll ask you to provide us with information about your family that will help us advocate on your behalf. And we’ll help you finalize your family profile – including pictures of you, your home, your family and friends.


Birth Parent Stories

Natalie & Jon

All is truly well here and we are so happy for Sammy and his new family. James and Kathryn really are the parents that Jon and I both dreamed about as kids. Jon asked me to email his letter, following, to you so you can read it to everyone when we all get back together on the 17th.

This is all good stuff for all of us. You were the first blessing to us in this process. Jon felt like you understood him and that he could trust you. That is a very big deal for him to feel trust at all. So thank you for that. Alyssa is also someone that he felt like he could trust and that you both had our best interest in mind the whole time.

Then, after meeting James and Kathryn, he could see that there was real compassion and love to be felt that he didn’t know existed before then.


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