Family Profiles


Megan and Stephen

Twelve years ago in college, a mutual friend set us up, and we discovered we both needed a study partner for Nutrition 1010! After successfully passing the class together, we became each other’s study partners for everything. We dated for 5 years, tied the knot surrounded by our loved ones, and moved to the Sacramento area to start our lives as a teacher and a police officer. We’ve added two dogs to our crew, DiNozzo and Enzo, who love to play and are expert snugglers.

About Stephen (by Megan)

Stephen's life has always been full of sports, fun, and love. He grew up on the baseball field and spending time with his friends. His family took regular trips to Lake Tahoe, where he discovered his future college: the University of Nevada.

Today, he usually spends part of his weekends on the golf course or following the latest sports news. He can be found keeping our yard in tip-top shape or trying out Megan's latest recipe. He's a positive, humorous, "go with the flow" kind of guy who generally falls in line with the latest project or adventure. His favorite pastimes include golf, watching or playing any sports, hiking, working out, eating Megan's cooking, and vacationing in Hawaii, Tahoe, or anywhere with a golf course!

He became a detective with the Sacramento Police Department as a way to make a positive difference. While his main role is IT focused, such as supporting the city’s traffic cameras, he also gets the opportunity to work as police security for local events and Kings games, putting him up close to the action!

Stephen follows the mantra: “be the best you can be.” He strives every day to be the best officer, husband, son, and brother he can be.

About Megan (by Stephen)

Megan grew up reading mysteries and Harry Potter, going to Disneyland, and spending time with friends. Megan found her joy in babysitting and nannying, and knew she wanted to help children in some way. With guidance from her dad, she decided to become a teacher. Megan saw snow for the first time on her way to tour University of Nevada, and decided she wanted to go there before even seeing the campus!

Megan now teaches first grade at a Title I school, where she has become the go-to adult for the “spicy” kids, a role she feels honored and privileged to fill. She volunteers on school committees and is working to start a gardening club for the kiddos next year!

In her off-time, she loves a good mystery or romance novel and trying out new recipes. Megan is usually golfing, gardening, or finding a new home improvement project. She’s recently discovered a love for roses and added several to our backyard. She cooks with her own fresh, home-grown herbs, and one of her favorite memories is learning to make family recipes with Stephen’s grandmother. 

The Story of Us


We are best friends and trusted advisors who consult each other in all our decisions as we face life’s challenges together. If we ever aren’t on the same page (though we usually are) we’re always willing to converse and compromise. We try never to go to bed without resolving the day’s disagreements. 

A Day (Or Trip) in the Life

Our Home and Neighborhood

Our home is in a family-friendly community in Rocklin, CA, where we have a playground, nature trails, and a community pool all within walking distance. We love to visit the shared areas of our community to meet the neighbors and make new friends. The nature of the El Dorado Foothills and the comforts of Sacramento are a short drive away!

We enjoy the sounds of laughter in our home, playing games, watching sports, and gathering in our backyard for pizza BBQs.

About Our Family

Megan is the oldest of three girls. Her sister Bridget is married and and finishing her first year of residency to be a doctor in Missouri, while their sister Julie is midway through a Ph.D. program in Southern California.  Megan’s parents taught her the art of the perfect homemade pizza, a tradition she has carried on in our backyard pizza grill. We always have some of the pizza sauce that her dad and Stephen’s grandma perfected! 

Stephen’s parents have always been highly involved with him and his younger sister Stephanie, taking regular family vacations and being ever approachable with listening ears and warm guidance. The whole family relocated to Sacramento before we did, meaning we get to see them often for Friday night dinners, either sampling the variety of local restaurants or enjoying the pizza grill together! We also take regular family trips to our favorite places- including Tahoe, Monterrey, Disney, and Giants and Niners games.

At the End of the Day:

We spend a lot of time in our backyard with the dogs and with our friends and family.  The sounds of the nearby playground and nature trails are a soothing soundtrack to all our activities. We love walking the dogs under the incredible Sacramento Valley sunset. We enjoy golfing, traveling and trying out new experiences together. Our latest adventure was clear kayaking in Lake Tahoe, and we can’t wait to do it again! Some favorite regular destinations include Monterrey Bay, Hawaii, Disney, and Giants games in San Francisco- followed up with sundaes at Ghirardelli Square, of course!

Megan, Stephen, Enzo, & DiNozzo

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