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We are Roberta and Joshua, a happily married family living in Northern California. 

We both grew up in the same town here in Northern California, but we didn’t get together until seven years ago when we were introduced by mutual friends. From the beginning, we’ve talked about wanting kids.


We have six godchildren - the oldest is 17 and the youngest just turned 1. When we're with the children, Joshua is the activity director - always there with fun ideas. Roberta also always puts the children first. She's patient, caring and comforting - the one the kids go to when they need a hug!


Roberta is an amazing woman! She puts so much of herself into helping others. About 10 years ago she started her own salon - Heart and Soul. She loves making her clients feel beautiful, even though they already are! Roberta also loves to cook. One of her favorite things to make is a mud pie that has been passed down in her family for years. It's so yummy!


Josh has the biggest heart and cares so much for the people in his life. He holds his family and friends close and is always ready to help if or when help is needed. Josh is a hard working man. In high school, he hired on with Walmart when he was 17. Now he is a senior director with the company and has regional corporate responsibilities. I love knowing that he is never too busy to buy me flowers or treat me to a lovely dinner!


We love having family and friends over for BBQs! Our home has 5 bedrooms and 3 baths -- so there's always room for everyone. Whether it's a swim day in our backyard pool, or UFC fights, or birthdays, or holidays, we enjoy hanging out! (We just bought a smoker and one of Josh's favorite things to smoke is brisket. It's so good!)


We have a boat and a camper trailer and love to go camping! We also have 2 pups - Blue and Missy - - who enjoy walks, camping and going to the beach with us. We also love to travel and create a lifetime of happy memories.

Final Thoughts

We are grateful for the opportunity to share with others the good things that have come to us.
For us, life is an adventure filled with joyous stops along the way.

Josh & Roberta

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