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Sabine & Seham


Hello! We are Seham and Sabine. Thank you for taking the time to consider a future for your child with a family like ours. We have known that we wanted to be parents for a long time and now everything is lining up for us to start this journey. We want to share the blessings that we’ve gathered in this life with our future children.

We have been together for 11 years and married for 4. We are both 31 and live in Sacramento, CA. Seham is a scientist and Sabine works for State Parks. We enjoy spending time in nature and with our dog, Dwayne. We are both close with our extended families and everyone is looking forward to welcoming a new family member.

Sabine’s Native culture is very important to her. Native people have traditions of taking care of children, no matter the blood relation, so that they can live to their highest potential. Sabine has always felt that this would be her role and we are both committed to carry out this vision.

Seham has learned a lot through 6 years of martial arts practice and working with plants and hopes to instill self-confidence, focus, athleticism, and an appreciation of the natural world in our children.

We plan to raise our children with love and support so that they can approach life with self-confidence and creativity. We want our children to know where they come from and look forward to working together to create a plan for openness.   

Thank you so much for hearing us out and we look forward to connecting.

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