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Sam & Bryan

Hi there!

Hello! We’re Sam, Bryan & Ellorie from Woodland, California. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! Although we don’t know you yet, we’re deeply grateful for your bravery and selflessness in considering open adoption. We’re honored that you may be thinking of us as you choose the best path for yourself and your baby! It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and supported by us. We are excited to be able to welcome you and your baby into our family!

Our Story. We met years ago on a high school houseboats trip where we bonded over shared interests and became close friends. Quickly, Bryan fell for Sam’s sense of adventure and deep care for the people around her and Sam fell for Bryan’s kind heart and great cooking. After four years of happily dating, Bryan proposed on a hike at sunrise and we got married on a small farm under a beautiful oak tree. We’ve been on an adventure ever since: trips in our VW Bus, hikes in Iceland and snorkeling in Jamaica — but mainly we thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and everything feels like an adventure with the other. We have built a strong marriage on a foundation of love, respect, open communication and much laughter. We’ve been dreaming of a big family since our dating days, adopted our incredible daughter, Ellie, in 2017 and we can’t wait to expand our family through adoption yet again! 

SAM by Bryan. I scored big when Sam agreed to marry me! I’ve seen years of her volunteering with youth and admire how warm, patient, passionate and encouraging she is. She’s a great listener, fiercely loyal and continually makes me laugh with her quick sense of humor. She loves collecting vinyl records and is always up for a spontaneous dance party. She’s gifted at making everyday things feel like an adventure, and she makes daily life fun and meaningful for our daughter. As a wedding photographer, she has a flexible schedule and home office that allows for freedom to stay home with Ellie and with your child. It’s been a gift to see her use her talents to document our family as it grows!

BRYAN by Sam. Bryan is an incredible dad! He’s enthusiastic, nurturing, and loves figuring out how things work. He loves working with his hands whether that’s building a crib, fixing an old truck or doing home improvement. He has an amazing green thumb, not just at home but at work running a farm for the University of California at Davis. It’s not uncommon for him to get muddy with Ellie planting the garden and snacking on fresh fruit from the yard. Bryan’s curious about things and loves learning by doing, which is something I can’t wait for him to share with your child just like he does with Ellorie. I’m looking forward to seeing him help your child pursue her or his own passions and curiosity!

ELLORIE by Sam & Bryan. Ellorie is so excited to be a big sister! She often asks us for a baby (haha)! She’s helpful, kind, hilarious and smart. We can totally see her being protective of your child. Lover of all animals, nature and gymnastics. A typical day for her is waking up, helping us make breakfast (she helps crack eggs into a pan), go to a play date like gymnastics, play outside (she loves to water the garden) and end the day cuddling on the couch with a stack of books or a dance party. We have two dogs, chickens & ducks that she loves to hang with. 

We have an open adoption with Ellorie’s family — sending photos & videos and facetiming and once or twice a year we try to visit. We really love that Ellie gets to grow up knowing her family and that her family get to see her grow. Nothing makes us happier than seeing Ellorie connect with her family — it’s a very special thing to witness that love.  That’s something we would love for your child to have too 🙂

Interests and Hobbies. We’re active and love being outside whenever we can. One of our favorite activities is riding around town on our tandem bicycle. We’ve been looking forward to when we can hook up a two-person bike trailer and take Ellie and your child to our favorite ice cream shop. We love exploring nature in Northern California; and with all the options for camping, boating and hiking, we have weekends full of adventures to share with your child. In Ellie’s first three years, she has hiked over 100 miles in her pack with us! 

Really we just love being together no matter where. We eat dinner together as a family and value having “family time” built into every day. Our home is a center for activities shared with family and friends. Whether it’s a barbecue, making s’mores over the fire or a night of board games, we have fun spending time with the wonderful people in our life!

Our Promise. Our promise to you is that we will raise your child with love, encouragement and laughter. We promise to broaden his or her horizons with new experiences, travels and education. We promise to raise your child to find the joy in any circumstance and to face challenges with strength and courage — to be kind to himself or herself and to others. And finally, we promise that he or she will know how we became a family: a story beginning with YOU.

Thank you again for taking time to read our story. We cannot wait to welcome your child into our lives, home and hearts! If you think we might be a good fit for you, we would love to get together.

All the best, 

Sam, Bryan & Ellorie ♥

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