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Stephanie & Bryan


We are Stephanie and Bryan, a happily married couple from San Diego, California. We would love to welcome a newborn into our hearts and would love your help doing so!  We admire your selflessness and can only imagine the many emotions you are feeling.

We met in April 2014 via Match.com.  Funny story though!  It turns out that Stephanie’s best friend was married to Bryan’s best friend – but we had never met! So, our first date didn’t feel like a blind date at all because we had asked our friends so many questions already!  We were married in October 2015 with all our friends and families by our side, and it was a great day!

Stephanie about Bryan. I met Bryan at a time when I was about to give up on dating.  I thought I’d give him a chance, and it turned out to be the best decision!  He is funny, energetic, loves to work out, knows everything about sports and enjoys learning about history, too.  No matter what kind of day I’m having, he can make me smile or laugh – and that’s the best feeling!

Bryan is going to be an amazing dad . . . he is great with our nieces and nephew and even our friends’ kids are drawn to him.  He loves to get down on the ground with the kids or play basketball with them.  I just know that your child will be so blessed to have him in his or her life!

Bryan about Stephanie.  Steph has a great heart, a passion for life and an earnest desire to help people.  She is very down to earth and enjoys doing things with our friends and families.  Family means the world to her (which is something I greatly admire).

Steph loves being “Auntie” to our nieces and nephew and cherishes every chance she gets to hang out with them.  She also loves to bake, and it’s her family’s tradition to bake banana bread for all the neighbors during Christmas – and I enjoy eating this tradition, as well!

What we do.  Stephanie has a California teaching credential and taught English in the junior high and high school setting for 8 years.  But several years ago, she remembered her time as a young child and high schooler learning American Sign Language.  She went back to college, earned a degree in American Sign Language Interpreting and has worked as a free-lance interpreter in San Diego for two years now.  (She plans on teaching your child sign language because it is such a beautiful language and will open so many doors for him or her educationally and professionally!)

Bryan joined the United States Marine Corps from high school and served all over the world.  After enlistment, he went to college in Florida and earned a degree in Sports Medicine.  Following the tragic events of 9/11, he felt compelled to enter the military again, this time as an officer.  He enjoys serving our country, mentoring young Marines and trying to make a difference!

Our promise to you.  We are so ready to welcome your child into our home. Adoption runs in both of our families, as Stephanie’s father was adopted and Bryan was adopted as well.  (As Bryan explains, “I was born in Miami, Florida and raised as an only child after being adopted at birth by my parents.  My mom worked in a hospital and one of the doctors knew my parents were looking to adopt – and the rest is history!”)  We know this will help when explaining adoption to your child.

Your little one will be loved unconditionally.  We appreciate your bravery and selflessness and hope we can get to know one another.

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