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Tamara & Jeremy


Hello! We are Tamara & Jeremy. We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and our lives. We can't imagine how difficult this decision is, and we admire your strength throughout this process. We were married in 2015. Our fertility journey has had its ups and downs and, after six years, we made the decision to grow our family through adoption. We are so excited to have the chance to get to know you and your baby and share our lives with you. We wish you strength and comfort throughout this time and look forward to meeting you in person soon!

ABOUT US – How we Met?
We met online back when online dating was considered taboo. We messaged back and forth through the dating website and started chatting. We realized we had so much in common, including a common set of friends. We met up at Leatherby’s Ice Cream shop in Sacramento, CA. We had a great dinner and conversation getting to know each other.  Weeks later, we went to a beautiful Christmas Light Display.  The rest is history. We were boyfriend and girlfriend two weeks later and
married 5 years after that on January 10th, 2015.


Jeremy was born in Anaheim, CA in September of 1989. He spent his childhood playing many sports — baseball, basketball and football. He graduated from Bella Vista High School in 2007 and Sacramento State University in 2019. Jeremy teaches History and English at a High School in Placer County.
Jeremy loves to play video games in his spare time and watch football on Sundays! During football season, you can find Jeremy on the gridiron coaching Varsity football at his local high school. Jeremy will be a great dad! He is so patient, kind and funny. Children naturally gravitate towards him. He is the expert on all things kid related. He can’t wait to share all these interests with your child! We are definitely going to need a big play room!


Tamara was born in San Leandro, CA in March of 1989. Her dad was the Parish Athletic Director at her local church and she spent the weekends volunteering at the weekly basketball games. She played basketball from the age of 6 until she graduated from Moreau Catholic High School in 2007.
She studied Psychology at Sacramento State University where she developed a love for helping people, and in 2010 she started working in the gerontology field helping seniors. She is an avid Raiders and Warriors fan.
Tamara is going to be an amazing mother because she is just such a genuine person and is always looking out for everyone in her life. It’s so easy for her to care and love, and I know that motherhood will be something that will come naturally because of who she is.


We live in a family-oriented neighborhood, with many parks, walking trails and play areas within walking distance. Our home is a two story and has 3 bedrooms and has plenty of room for your child. We are fortunate to have neighbors on one side of us and across the street with small children under the age of 3. We are always outside playing together in the evenings and on weekends.


Jeremy’s family is small but mighty! He is one of 4 children. Tamara comes from a big family. She is one of 23 grandchildren on her dad’s side. When we told Tamara’s family that we were looking to adopt, the entire family erupted in cheers. They have been waiting along side of us for a child to love and cherish for many years and look forward with joy to meeting you and your child!

Some of our favorite traditions are our annual Raider Game visits, our Christmas Eve Matching PJs and our frequent Disneyland trips. Every year we attend at least 1 Raider Game. No matter how bad they play, you can find us cheering them on every Sunday!

We have so much love to give your child, and the opportunity to bring your child into our home is a dream come true. We promise to be a partner with you throughout this process. If you choose us as your child’s adoptive parents, we will unconditionally love and cherish your child forever. We hope this gives you a good look at our lives and we look forward to meeting you!
Jeremy & Tamara

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